Outlaw Joint Protector w/ tip tool
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Outlaw Joint Protector with Tip Tools

Here is the latest way to keep the tip of your cue chalked with the new Multi-functional Outlaw Joint Protector and Tip tool.

Protecting your cue from unnecessary moisture and debris in the joint is essential and it starts with the right joint protector. The new Outlaw joint protector fits four different major pin sizes and provides the protection your cue needs to extend your cue's life.

There are two other popular tip tools built into the joint protector. There is a tip pick at the top of the bullet with sharp points to open up the leather to allow chalk to get in. At the bottom of the bullet there is a shaper and scuffer to get the perfect radius on your tip and reduce the amount of miscues.

Available in 3/8x8, 3/8x10, 5/16x14 and 5/16x18 pins.